Is it possible that we’ve found what may be the best emergency food available? Winning blind and random taste tests all over the world, Delicious Survival Foods believes we’re really on to something here. Imagine being stuck during a flood or major disaster, with limited access to water or food, what will you eat? Our hope is that you’re not planning on eating rice cakes and bland cereals for as long as the emergency lasts (1 week? 1 month? Longer perhaps?).

Photo of Emergency Food

Instead, enjoy gourmet style meals packed with nutritious ingredients and bursting with flavor. No other emergency food supplier offers higher quality, long storage life survival foods anywhere.

Three Reasons You May Need Emergency Food

1. Economic Crisis

We can pretend to ignore it all we want, but the fact that the world (particularly the United States) is going through tough economic times can’t go un-talked about for long. Eventually the world will know that we’re 14 trillion dollars in debt and having government shutdowns due to lack of funds. Schools are shutting down, plazas are becoming empty and costs are rising for the most basic commodities.

The country can be optimistic and perhaps new leadership will guide us back to sanity, but the risk is eminent and we as individuals need to think ahead about a food and supply emergency if or when our economic crisis hits it’s peek. Having emergency food stored and ready for when this occurs may be the one thing that keeps your family alive and healthy.

2. Natural Disasters

Floods, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes are the most common natural disasters in the United States. They tear apart homes, trap families in houses, and destroy neighborhoods. Properly stored emergency food supply can get a family through long enough for help to arrive. Delicious Survival Food offers an alternative to the bland, unhealthy choices many people settle for, with gourmet meals rich in flavor and nutrients.

3. Nuclear War or Aftermath

It’s incredible to think how one nation could push a button to start a 45-minute war that could end humanity as we know it. As one of the most security-driven countries in the world, there is less to fear of successful attacks than there is to fear in radiation and aftermath. When the nation is hiding in basements and bomb shelters, what will you be eating? You could be trapped for months until the air is safe enough to breath again. Having at least a year’s worth of emergency food storage to fall back on will give you the confidence that your family will live through any nuclear war or aftermath that may follow.